BWiC @ GHC 2011

GHC 2011 Portland, Oregon

Our first representation at GHC was

Birds of a Feather Session: “Black Women in Computing: Increasing Numbers Through Networking” (Thursday November 10th)


  • BWiC Presence – Chinwe Ekenna
    • Implement BWiC announcement campaign
      • Create Logo
      • Distribute posters for schools, universities and workplace
    • Events for GHC 2012
      • BWiC Breakfast, Lunch or Reception
      • BoF session: BWiC mission progress updates
      • BoF session: Panel discussion
      • Create a pamphlet for GHC 2012
      • Possibly have a booth at the fair
      • Oversee similar efforts at other conferences (i.e. NSBE, Tapia, etc)
    • Create Monthly or Bi-Monthly Newsletter
    • Build contact list and send announcement through the following channels:
      • Companies, Sororities, Universities (office of multicultural affairs)
  • Recruitment & Retention – Brooke C. Coley
    • Implement K-12 programs to promote activities in CS
      • Start after school clubs that focus on CS projects
      • Find volunteers (PhD Computer Scientists, teachers) to lead these clubs
      • Apply for NSF funding to support efforts
      • Possibly create nationwide project competition
        • find corporate funding for prizes
      • Possibly collaborate with any existing organizations to implement this (i.e. DotDiva, Girls Inc., Girl Scouts)
    • Organize a STEM conference or local computing workshops for young minority girls K-12
  • Online Resources – Ayori Selassie
    • Create & Manage Facebook page
      • Unlike the BWiC listserv, this page will be open to the public
    • Post online talks and tutorials in computing topics
      • Possible c reate a BWiC YouTube account
      • Add links to talks given by members
      • Add links to videos showing different roles in computing
    • Q&A boardCreate a resource for asking professional and social questions
      • Create a question and answer resource (Twitter?)
      • Possibly create a special post on the Listserv
  • Support System (National & Local) – Tamara Wesley
    • Start a monthly/bi-monthly BWiC meetup
      • Find a way to connect local members and encourage them to meet
      • First Fridays and/or monthly lunch
    • Start Hopper Match to find BWiC members willing to carpool, share rooms, etc at the next GHC
    • Set up BWiC portal through MentorNet
      • This will require corporate funding (you should collaborate with Fae on this effort)


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